Series News Onur Saylak’s new Netflix series Uysallar impressed the audience!

Onur Saylak’s new Netflix series Uysallar impressed the audience!


Director Onur Saylak’s new mini-series Uysallar, who previously signed the Emmy-winning Şahsiyet (Personality) series, started airing on Netflix yesterday. The series, which aroused great interest with its introductions, received full marks from everyone with its story and acting. The audience could not get rid of the influence of Uysallar.

Hakan Günday, one of Turkey’s most successful writers, is the screenwriter of the Uysallar series. The cast of the series signed by Ay Yapım is very strong. The cast of the series includes masters such as Haluk Bilginer and Uğur Yücel, as well as Songül Öden, Öner Erkan, Serkan Altunorak and İbrahim Selim.

Oktay Uysal, played by Öner Erkan, the main character of the series, works as an architect in a very large firm. Oktay Uysal, who has a very luxurious life and is the father of two children, is starting to get crushed under the pressure of his life. And he finds the cure by turning into a Punkist at night, as he was in his youth.

The Uysallar series was watched by many as soon as it was released on Netflix. The eight-episode mini-series was found very impressive by many. In the comments made on social media, it was stated that the series influenced the audience.

Journalist Ünsal Ünlü expressed how much he liked the Uysallar series in his comments on his Twitter account. The famous wrote: “As I expected, #Uysallar has done a very different and beautiful job. As a viewer/reader, I saw in #More (Daha) that @Hakan_Gunday and @AosOnursaylak cooperation gave good results. The cast is really very solid. Congratulations to everyone involved.”

Actress Janset Paçal is also one of those affected by the Uysallar series. Saying that she liked the series very much, Janset Paçal said, “Very good job. Well done to everyone. For those who are brave enough to live their whole life”

The comment of Tokyo Neo Vortex, who is known for his comments on TV series on social media, was quite different: “It’s such a strange job that #Docile is dragging you along while you’re thinking about what to watch. You can never turn it off. It has a strange fun in it.”