Ozan Akbaba gesture on the set of Bandits
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1 October 2022 01:03


Ozan Akbaba gesture on the set of Bandits

The Bandits, Ozan Akbaba plays the character of İlyas Çakırbeyli in the series. Ozan Akbaba, who participated in the Screenplay Talks program presented by Bora Talat Oyacı published on Youtube, explained some special details.

Ozan Akbaba, who is known to help the set team after his work on the set of the series, explained the reason for this situation as follows:

“I am bored just by standing in front of the camera. It is due to my respect and love for the background of the work. I can be really frustratingly stimulating on the set. Our job is really hard. The job of Set employees is even more difficult. Thank you very much to the Bandits set team I have been working with for the last 5 years. They are doing such a difficult job. ”

Ozan Akbaba stated that they did a very hard job but he loved his job very much. Expressing that he had difficulty in action scenes, the actor said that he was physically tired, but for now his body resistance is sufficient.

Ozan Akbaba also has difficulty in scenes with very difficult emotions. “Because there is a big responsibility under this scene, they put a big burden. Trying to give the desired is sometimes very difficult,” said the actor.

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