Ozan Çobanoğlu's name will now be remembered with Arka Sokaklar!
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29 November 2022 11:38


Ozan Çobanoğlu’s name will now be remembered with Arka Sokaklar!

Famous actor Ozan Çobanoğlu has been acting together with the Arka Sokaklar team, whose 600th episode was shot, since 2015. The actor, who was born in Kars in 1980, is now remembered with the character of commissioner Hakan.

The actor, who is happy to be together with his teammates in the project, which continues its 16th season on Kanal D screen, also enjoys the fact that his name will now be associated with Arka Sokaklar.

Ozan Çobanoğlu cut the 600th section cake with his friends and said that he was proud of the work they did. The actor reminded that this project is very important for his career.

Stating that he does not know how long the series will go from now on, the actor underlined that they will continue to work to do the best.

Here is the pride of Arka Sokaklar by Ozan Çobanoğlu: “We are proud of the work we are in. Think about it, maybe there will never be a job like this again in Turkey from now on and we will be remembered for this job. What a wonderful thing for us as actors. We are very happy about this, we will have our names, maybe when it is written somewhere, on behalf of our career, when a book comes out.

Thanks to our viewers, when there are thousands of comments, we try to read them all, of course, but we always read good things that are close to each other. They should not be missing, it means that we are trying to do something worthy of them. We always want to do even better. 16 years passed like this. I don’t know how many years will go after that, but we will try to do better.

Reading the Turkish audience correctly is something that requires a great deal of experience. Türker İnanoğlu also has this experience. Of course, there is our director Orhan Oğuz, who is also a great director. We work with great masters. Our brothers are very good actors, and we try to be worthy of them. We are trying to keep up with their performance. Thank you to everyone who contributed.”

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