[Ozcan Deniz] very excited
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27 November 2022 11:57


[Ozcan Deniz] very excited

[Ozcan Deniz] latest news …

The actor is waiting for the day he will be a father.

The actor, who is very impatient, will have his son in 1 month.

He never leaves his wife.

FeyzaAktan, who will give birth after 1 month, is happy with it.

Actor is 45 years old. But his wife is 20 years younger than him.

The couple was married last month.

The couple will give the baby a ‘North’ name.

Actor “There is little time left. We are both very excited. ”

She did not want to talk, she was just smile.

She has been wearing tights and tight t-shirts since the first months of pregnancy.

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