Özge Özpirinçci's fit state surprised everyone 2 weeks after giving birth!
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28 January 2023 17:36


Özge Özpirinçci’s fit state surprised everyone 2 weeks after giving birth!

Famous actress Özge Özpirinçci was photographed for the first time after holding her daughter Mercan on November 30. The actress, who has a happy family with her husband Burak Yamantürk and daughter Mercan, was seen by the cameras while walking her dog.

Despite giving birth about 2 weeks ago, Özge Özpirinçci, who drew attention to her fit state, admitted that her weight was gone, and used the phrase “Breastfeeding feels good”. We can say that the actress, who is observed to be very happy, looks very good, although she has a very light belly.

Özge Özpirinçci, who was full of happiness, said that she entrusted her daughter Mercan to her mother and went out. The actress, who showed her happiness by posing with Burak Yamantürk, said, “Mercan is waiting at home. Mom is with her, everything is fine. We are very good,” she said.

Explaining that her baby is healthy and there is no different situation, Özge Özpirinçci emphasized that this is the most important thing.

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