Series News Özge Yağız is campaigning to return to the Yemin TV series!

Özge Yağız is campaigning to return to the Yemin TV series!


The series of Yemin on Channel 7 screen continues with the second season. The 235th episode of the series, which is broadcast on weekdays, will be released on Friday, April 24. It is not yet known when the second season finale of the series will be. However, there is a known fact that the lead actress Özge Yağız said goodbye to the series.

Özge Yağız, which we watch as Reyhan in Yemin, has been on the magazine’s agenda for a while. Standing out with her successful performance and beauty, the player said goodbye to the series the other day.

After Özge Yağız officially announced her farewell, many fans started a campaign to return on social media.

In order for Özge Yağız to return to the series, the followers who shared messages on social media platforms tried to change their mind by sending many messages to the player.

However, there are reports that the player has agreed with the series Establishment Osman, for the next season. Özge Yağız will not return to the Yemin series again. However, her fans continue to campaign on social media. During the campaign, nearly 150 thousand messages were shared.