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17 May 2022 17:38


Özge Yağız realized her dream with the TV series Baba!

Özge Yağız was known for her daily TV series Adını Sen Koy. After Hazal Subaşı left this series, in which she was famous, Özge Yağız started to play the leading role and it was the series that she had a great break from.

The actress, who is very popular with her role as Zeliha in “Adını Sen Koy”, attracted attention with the drama series of Kanal 7, Yemin (Promise), after this series with a heavy drama story. After this two-day series, the actress switched to Sol Yanim, which was broadcast in prime time.

The young actress, who started to attract more attention of the producers after this series, started to come to the screen with Show TV’s Baba (Father) series after the short duration of the series İçimizden Biri.

Kadir’s sister, played by Tolga Sarıtaş, comes to the screen as Büşra, the daughter of Emin, played by Haluk Bilginer. Baba has a very special place for Özge Yağız next to the other TV series she has acted in!

First of all, the actress enjoys playing with the master actor Haluk Bilginer, who is her biggest dream. Özge Yağız, who was a guest of the program “Hakan Gence” broadcast on the Hürriyet YouTube channel, drew attention with her candid statements.

The young actress told that although we are used to seeing her in drama series, she has a very colorful and energetic personality in her real life. Shee also said, “But I am also sensitive and fragile. This is reflected outside. I am also determined, meticulous and emotional. I am quickly impressed.”

Özge Yağız emphasized that her biggest dream about her profession is to take a role with the master actress Haluk Bilginer in the TV series Baba, and said, “We are in the same job right now, acting is my soul mate. From the moment I started this profession, I said, ‘I couldn’t have been in another profession,'” she said.

Meanwhile, Özge Yağız came to the fore with the news that she broke up with her lover Gökberk Demirci, whom she was planning to marry soon.

Stating that there is no one in her life at the moment, the actress conveyed her thoughts on love as follows: “Love is a wonderful thing, but it should not blind the eyes. Love is understanding and passion for me. But more passion. Intelligence picks me up quickly in a relationship. I do not confront my family for love, I will definitely find the middle way.”

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