Artists News Özgü Kaya is shining, successful, humble and sincere!

Özgü Kaya is shining, successful, humble and sincere!


Özgü Kaya, who plays the character of Türkan in the TV series Üç Kız Kardeş (Three Sisters), performs an acting that affects millions on Tuesday evenings. The actress, who deserves the role as the female lead in the series, also carries out a very successful partnership process with her partner Berker Güven.

Özgü Kaya is not at all uncomfortable with being away from her home since February, despite a busy work schedule on the set. The crew of the Üç Kız Kardeş series, shot in Ayvalık, can only return to their homes and loved ones in Istanbul for a short time.

However, Özgü Kaya is already accustomed to living in Ayvalık. The actress, who was the guest of Arda Türkmen’s cooking show, said, “The shootings are very enjoyable. We got used to Ayvalık and now we settled there. Istanbul feels like a second city for us. It’s like a city we came to visit…” she said.

Özgü Kaya, who draws attention with not complaining about the intensity on the set, is also very pleased with the interest shown by the citizens on the street to her character Türkan.

The successful performance of the actress also played an important role in the audience’s adoption of this character. Özgü Kaya said, “Of course, I am very honored and proud when people embrace me as if I were their own family. I would like to thank everyone for their support,” she said.

Özgü Kaya, who received great appreciation from her fans with her beauty, also draws attention with her sincere words and modesty.

Özgü Kaya, who is one of the famous names who reflect her success in her job positively in her life, thinks about compliments about her beauty:

“I’m a little embarrassed about things like this, but I believe that beauty comes from within. I believe very much in thinking well, looking good, feeling good and energy.”