Artists News Özgü Namal envied Tuba Ünsal when she first started acting!

Özgü Namal envied Tuba Ünsal when she first started acting!


The statements in the Empati program, in which the famous actress Tuba Ünsal participated on NTV, attracted attention. In the program presented by Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Tuba Ünsal gave various information about herself and made a remarkable statement about her colleague Özgü Namal.

While Tuba Ünsal was establishing Empati with true stories, she also took her place among the special guests of Empati with her very special conversation about her family, her childhood, the first days of her journey to fame, her children and life.

Özgü Namal, who is currently starring in the TV series Kızıl Goncalar, broadcast on the Now television channel, pleased her fans by returning to the screen after many years. The information about Özgü Namal, which was among Tuba Ünsal’s statements, was also remarkable. Here are those words:

“We entered the industry at similar times with Özgü Namal. We used to go to the same advertising meetings with Özgü, like advertising auditions… When I see you, I get depressed because you are being selected, she would say. “Fortunately, bhe was not a person who continued in commercials, but instead moved to television… She is very successful.”

Tuba Ünsal also made different statements about herself, both privately and professionally, in the program. Here is part of the statements made by the actress:

“Fame is a great shirt of fire. How I managed to come here safely and without losing my mind, I am surprised when I think about the roads I have traveled.

I am a child of an average Turkish family. My father suffered a lot with my fame, we struggled a lot with ‘what’s going on’. I couldn’t say that I am doing my job with dignity. The residue of everything thrown at me would remain, and I would always wonder if I was doing something wrong.


I bought my first house when I was 17. My father did not allow it. They gave me a rule: you can’t live alone, you have to buy a house to live alone. How I saved money, I wore my friends’ clothes until they were worn out. I took a loan from the bank and bought a tiny house of 30 square meters.


Being in Vizontele Tuuba is an amazing thing. I was doing something but I was frustrated, I was making little money. I was on buses in the huge city of Istanbul, changing vehicles three times. My family does not have the money to stay with me, I cannot sustain anything with the money I earn. I was giving up, I was turning back! Yılmaz Erdoğan said, “You wait, I’m making a movie.” I was almost working as their assistant, taking tea to Demet Akbağ. My brother Necati gave me an advance and pocket money before the movie. BKM Family needs more of them in our world…


People who experience a lot of poverty tend to spoil their children, but I couldn’t see it so they would see it… I don’t do that! Let them both experience the situation of trying to achieve something like me. I’ve never seen either of them pining for a toy. Sare sells one of her clothes before buying the other, they grew up with second-hand clothes. “