Series News Özgür Çevik, who plays a role in the Alparslan TV series, can’t forget the 3 TV series!

Özgür Çevik, who plays a role in the Alparslan TV series, can’t forget the 3 TV series!


Özgür Çevik is one of the influential actors in the Alparslan Great Seljuk series, which continues its second season on TRT1 screen on Monday evenings. The actor, who has been in front of his fans with different projects and brand new characters for years, also receives great support from his fans with his impressive performance.

Özgür Çevik, whom we watched with the character of Count Leon in the Alparslan TV series, does not escape attention with his long hair, beard and mustache as well as his costumes in the series. Answering the questions from his fans on TRT1’s youtube channel, Özgür Çevik mentioned that the script is the most important thing for a project.

Explaining that he also improvises without disturbing the course of the script, Özgür Çevik said: “The script already shows a direction, but there are areas that he leaves to the actor. I like to use those spaces that the directors allow. From time to time, I improvise without disturbing the direction of the script. If our directors like it, you can watch it too.”

Mentioning that he loves portraying the character of Count Leon, the actor said; He is content with this character, which he describes as sneaky, scruffy, and strong.

Explaining that he was interested in the strong characters who lived in history and wondered what they did, the actor said that he also thought about why they did them according to the conditions of the period.

Özgür Çevik, who explained that the TV series Bizimkiler, which was broadcast on TRT1 years ago, had a great impact on him and that he was a student at that time, also stated that he liked the TV series Uzaylı Zekiye and Leyla ile Mecnun.

Explaining that he had accidents on the set during the action scenes, the actor also mentioned that he has a cautious personality. The actor said, “I had no shoes in the face of one of the teachers I worked with, I hit it with my socks, we laughed a lot. Other than that, I didn’t hit anyone with a sword, I’m very careful,” he said.

In another scene, Özgür Çevik explained that he saved himself from being under the horse and stated that he should be cautious but these are good memories.