Artists News Pelin Akil’s first birthday with her twin daughters!

Pelin Akil’s first birthday with her twin daughters!


The famous actress Pelin Akil was born on April 17, 1986 and celebrated her new age yesterday. The actress made her first birthday with her daughters Alin and Lina. The twin babies were born on April 21, 2019.

The couple had the bustle of celebrating a birthday at home. Anıl Altan made a birthday cake for his wife with the materials provided by his friends. Pelin Akil said, “Let this epidemic go away as soon as possible, it reminded us of how beautiful emotions are from our world. How nice to celebrate a birthday at home, that preparation, decorate the house, that sweet rush. Isn’t it good to retreat to our essence? Of course, I wholeheartedly want this process to end, but I am also happy at home. ”

Explaining that they discovered many things to do in this quarantine period, Pelin Akil stated that they always spend time together as a family, apart from looking at the phone and watching television in the evening.

The actress also thanked her husband who made the cake and said, “It worked for two days and how pleasant it was in the kitchen. It was my first birthday, which I spent with my sweet-smelling daughters.