Playing in The Ottoman is not easy at all!
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29 November 2022 17:46


Playing in The Ottoman is not easy at all!

The highly acclaimed The Ottoman series, published last season on the ATV screen, started very well in the second season with its renewed version. Seray Kaya was one of the names that joined the series that got stronger with new characters in the new season.

The famous actress gives life to the character of Lena and she is extremely pleased to participate in this production. Caught on camera on the street and making a statement, Seray Kaya said, “I prefer slightly different roles. I’m trying not to repeat in my acting career. The Ottoman was also a non-repetitive work for me, open to innovation. Taking action and lessons excited me. That’s why I accepted it with enthusiasm, it’s going well. I hope they like it ” she said.

Seray Kaya talked about the difficulties of riding a horse, using a sword, and taking part in the action scene. “It looks easy from the outside, but it was really difficult. I’m struggling. I like this too. “I like to be having difficulties, to be challenging myself,” he said.

Underlining that learning a lot in projects is also a very good thing, the player stated that she could catch this more on such platforms.

Emphasizing that one of the reasons for being in The Ottoman is that he will learn a lot, Seray Kaya said, “It is going well. I hope we will not experience any injuries. Because it’s really hard. Riding a horse in a lot of horses. “Action lessons, you’re getting caught up in that atmosphere,” she said.

Explaining that she also used swords, arrows and daggers, the player emphasized that although it was difficult, she got used to it afterwards.

Reminding that they did trainings on the farm for a few weeks, the actress stated that she would not want to use a stunt unless she risked her life.

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