Series News Please don’t let this series end! A great fear gripped the fans of the Gülcemal series!

Please don’t let this series end! A great fear gripped the fans of the Gülcemal series!


A fanatical audience has formed in the Gülcemal series, which Fox TV brought together with the audience on Thursday evenings. It is understood from the comments made on social media that Melis Sezen and Murat Ünalmış met in the lead roles and that the audience liked their energy. Criticisms, which were expressed as the wrong choice against Melis Sezen at the beginning of the series, have now been replaced by comments such as “Please don’t make the Gülcemal series final”.

The audience, who especially liked the story of the Gülcemal series, together with the magnificent performance of Murat Ünalmış, strongly supports the project on social media. The possibility of the series being final is due to the fact that the ratings are still below average.

Spectating that the series is a good project and that it does not deserve to be finalized, the viewers put pressure on Fox TV on social media, often saying “it should not be a finale”.

As the end of the season is approaching, the channels are making their plans for the new period. It is not yet clear whether Fox TV will continue the Gülcemal series.

It was a remarkable development that especially the fans of Turkish TV series abroad provided significant support to the Gülcemal project, and many viewers from different countries embraced this project in the social media environment.

Please don't let this series end! A great fear gripped the fans of the Gülcemal series! 7

Despite the low ratings of Tuzak (Trap) and Gecenin Ucunda (At the end of the Night) this season, the key to the projects continuing until the end of the season was the great interest from abroad.

After both series impressed the audiences abroad, the good sales figures enabled the channels to continue their projects. Both The Tuzak and the Gecenin Ucunda actually said goodbye to the screen as projects that received very low ratings. However, the good international sales also mean that the channels can keep the ratings aside and observe this balance.

It is expected that the interest of foreign series fans from abroad for the Gülcemal TV series will have a positive impact on foreign sales. It is not known whether Fox TV will continue the series in such an environment, but it is necessary to see the fact that the probability of the Gülcemal series to continue in the second season is not very high by looking at the ratios in the triple ratings.