Artists News Quarantine days of Hazal Türesan

Quarantine days of Hazal Türesan


Hazal Türesan, Miracle Doctor’s Beliz, was highly appreciated for her performance in the series. Enjoying being in the most successful production of the 2019-2020 season, the player complains of the desire to overeat on quarantine days.

The famous actress, from time to time, shares the house status from her instagram account. In her last message, she published her most natural form without makeup. The actress drew attention with the note “No filter, no make-up. Yes endless eating request”.

She, who has spent her quarantine days calm, never goes out unless she is obliged. She who is protected from coronavirus in this way is also very meticulous about hygiene.

Speaking to the mail newspaper, the actress washes everything with bleach and keeps her home clean. The actress, who paid extreme attention to cleaning because of her dog Zoi, told her days: “Wash and hang up, disinfect what you buy at the market, cook … The days pass like this.”

Stating that they are 4 adults at home, Hazal Türesan said, “Why is it difficult for some people to stay at home?”