Series News Ratings in Sandık Kokusu series are good, the story is even better!

Ratings in Sandık Kokusu series are good, the story is even better!


The fact that the Show TV series named Sandık Kokusu (The Smell of Chest) continued on Wednesday evenings with strong audience support was an indication of significant success for the team.

The Sandık Kokusu series, starring notable names such as Özge Özpirinçci, Metin Akdülger, Necip Memili and Demet Akbağ, has a stable presence on the screen, receiving good ratings.

Atilla’s confrontation with his brother was an important issue this week in the series, whose 10th episode is behind. In the finale of the episode, it was revealed that Mert Melek is Atilla’s brother.

Atilla’s reaction when he knocked on Mert’s door and the tension between the two aroused curiosity. Questions about the story of Atilla and Mert Melek will be answered in the new episode next week.

While the story of the series continues very excitingly and successfully, it is considered an important data that the ratings show the strong support of the audience.

We should also point out that the Sandık Kokusu series, which achieved well above average ratings in all viewers, AB and ABC1 groups with its 10th episode, finished the day in 7th place among all people, as well as being 3rd in both AB and ABC1 groups.

The intriguing episode where Atilla encounters his mysterious brother was on the TT list for about 2 hours with the hashtag #SandıkKokusu.

The fact that the series is talked about a lot on social media seems to be a success of the story.