Series News Who is the real killer in A Little Murder’s series?

Who is the real killer in A Little Murder’s series?


Selim Bayraktar, who gave life to the character of “Edip Hoca” in A Little Murder series, told him that he was constantly asking, “Are you the murderer?”

Selim Bayraktar, described the similarity between himself and the character himself:

“Every person has emotional state and vital similarities. Some are ahead, others are emotions and personal characteristics are the parts that need to be smoothed. He can also gain experience and experience. ”


Bayraktar, regarding the story in the row, said: “It is not the share of power, of course, Edip’in said. Edip’s only impasse is Oya. He knows that every difficulty and difficulty can only happen for Oya. Edip; The love you gave her to Oya is her favorite warrior. Perhaps this is the attempt to force someone else’s love to get rid of their inner struggles ”

The famous actor, said the following glance:

“It is a question of love, a question that all the answers that can be given are missing. It is a more complicated question if you give a blank paper when you are asked about the risk, maybe not. The thing that ends when it is reached is love itself. A feeling of ending and a collection of hormonal behavior … ”