Series News [Rebellious] series was the series that promoted Tuba Büyüküstün

[Rebellious] series was the series that promoted Tuba Büyüküstün


Channel D was released on screen in 2007.

The series Hatay has also passed and lasted 2 seasons in total.

Demir is a businessman in Istanbul. In his past he returns to his hometown [Antakya] to solve his mother’s suicide and death. The grand daughter of [Kozcuoğlu] family, who is responsible for her mother’s death, falls in love with the rebel. The life of the iron, which lies between the reincarnation and the love, is dealt with.

The series, which was broadcasted in 67 countries since the final, attracted a great deal of attention especially in the Arab countries and enabled its players to take their place on the world platform.

Thanks to the series, [Tuba Buyukustun] became a Turkish woman star known around the world.


[Tuba Buyukustun]
[Murat Yildirim]
[Selma Ergeç]
[Cetin Tekindor]
[Nur Sürer]
[Cemal Hünal]
[Tuncel Kurtiz]

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