Red Truck will blow the minds of the audience !
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25 March 2023 14:54


Red Truck will blow the minds of the audience !

A new series will start on Show TV screens very soon… The most important project of the channel in 2021 is meticulously underway. The team has been working for a long time and the scenes are shot meticulously… The actors of the series have also undergone a good training …

The story of firefighters in Turkey for the first time will meet with the audience … Red Truck (Kırmızı Kamyon) is evident from the series of images from almost burning fragments would be a very impressive building … and it is pointing to a directory like a bomb.

Görkem Sevindik, Nilay Deniz and Ushan Çakır are the leading actors of the series… A drama that will deeply affect the audience will start very soon. The release date has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be on the screen soon … Here is another very impressive trailer from the Red Truck series …

By moving the screen the story of the hero firefighters prepared to take a first in Turkey, produced the 10 assumed the house “Red Truck” very soon will meet the audience in the TV show.

Show TV’s 10th House signed new TV series “Red Truck” is just around the corner. An exciting introduction was released from the first episode of the series, which will draw the audience into an immersive story with its dramatic story and breathtaking action scenes.

In the promotion, where the emotional story of Uğur (Görkem Sevindik), who lost his wife in a tragic fire and struggles to reunite with his daughter, arouses the curiosity, the action-packed fire scenes that were shot with great care leave the audience breathless.

While the tension between Uğur (Görkem Sevindik) and Cem (Ushan Çakır) draws attention, what role Yonca (Nilay Deniz) will play in Uğur’s struggle is already a matter of great curiosity.

Drama and action that brings together different stories prepared to seal the screen with the red truck, firefighter hero of their lives and telling their toughest fight yet to take a job in Turkey before signing.

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