'Resurrection Ertuğrul' tv series will conquer the world!
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5 December 2022 08:03


‘Resurrection Ertuğrul’ tv series will conquer the world!

‘Resurrection Ertuğrul’ tv series has been on the agenda in recent days with the burning of its decor.

This catastrophe that happened before the new season of the series had everyone’s morale.

The viewers want this issue not to be reflected on the lining and the new season is also awaiting curiosity.

The success of the exhibitions in Turkey series, did not escape the attention of the transport abroad.

The series is broadcast in many countries. New countries have also been added to this list.

Finally, Uzbekistan Zor TV, Moldavia N4 channel and Bosnia and Herzegovina Hayat TV have added this list to the list. Mongolia’s NTV channel also bought the project.

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