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16 May 2022 23:04


RTÜK launched an investigation into Fox TV’s Maske Kimsin Sen program! Eda Ece was shocked!..

The “Mask Kimsin Sen” contest, which has just started broadcasting on Fox TV, where famous names sang by hiding their identities by using masks and costumes, and the jury members tried to find out who the contestants were, became the target of criticism on social media.

Eda Ece, as well as Alican Ulusoy, Melis Sezen and Doğu Demirkol are among the detectives who try to recognize famous names wearing interesting masks in Maske Kimsin Sen You competition. The program is presented by the famous actress Tansel Öngel.

While it was claimed by a section that the masks were very scary and included pagan figures, it was claimed that satanism propaganda was made in the program. RTÜK announced that it will initiate an investigation into the program. While the discussions are going on; Famous actress Eda Ece, one of the juries of the competition, shared the following from her Instagram account, following the criticisms of the program.

Eda Ece wrote the following in her post. “I am in shock. In these unhappy days, we made a colorful competition format broadcast in 50 countries with a pure heart, for fun and laughter, and our audience loved it, thank you very much!

Love to everyone with a healthy mentality, sanity, clean thought, who knows how to have fun and have a good heart. Seeking ulterior motives, false and frivolous ideas and the owner of evil have nothing to do with us, we do not even think about it! See you next week.”

While many followers commented on Eda Ece’s post that they liked the contest very much, some agreed that it was a ridiculous program.

Maske Kimsin Sen Contest continues to divide social media into two, in which famous names sing by hiding their identities by using masks and costumes, and the jury members try to find out who the contestants are.

Among the countries where the contest was broadcast, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Lithuania, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Romania , Portugal, Peru, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, UK, Ukraine, USA and Vietnam.

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