Series News Şahane Hayatım TV series has both a good and a bad side!

Şahane Hayatım TV series has both a good and a bad side!


The TV series Şahane Hayatım (My Wonderful Life ), starring Onur Tuna and Hilal Altınbilek, continues to be broadcast on Wednesday evenings. It was noteworthy that the series, whose second episode was left behind, made a good start with good ratings in the first episode.

The viewers, who found the story of the series good, also shared very positive comments about the performances of the actors. It would not be wrong to say that the series, which has a very remarkable cast such as Yiğit Özşener, Nesrin Cevadzade, Gökçe Eyüboğlu, Serkan Keskin, Sumru Yavrucuk, is one of the most ambitious productions of the new season.

Although it made a good impression as a story, many viewers think that the script of the series has both good and bad aspects. It is not an easy job for the screenwriters of Şahane Hayatım, who have to proceed with a sterile story.

The scriptwriters of the series, who constantly have to write surprise scenes to attract the attention of the audience, can strengthen the story with the element of curiosity, the more they can keep the audience in front of the screen.

With its tense scenes and mysterious events, Şahane Hayatım project seems like a candidate to attract attention until the end of the season. However, the viewers, who evaluated that the scenario did not have much chance of expansion, did not hide that they were disturbed by various logical errors.

Fans of the series, which attracts attention with its fluent narration and who also like its music, offer strong support to the project, but the real work lies on the shoulders of the scriptwriters.