Series News Şahane Hayatım TV series made a great comeback in the ratings!

Şahane Hayatım TV series made a great comeback in the ratings!


The Şahane Hayatım (My Wonderful Life) series, which airs on Fox TV on Wednesday evenings, is known as one of the productions that started its screen life well.

However, there has been a serious decline in the series’ ratings for a few weeks. Especially with the start of the new series called Sandık Kokusu (The Smell of the Chest), we observe that the significant loss of viewers in the TV series Şahane Hayatım has suddenly returned.

The 9th episode of Şahane Hayatım series was broadcast on Wednesday evening, December 27, and a very surprising result emerged.

The series, starring Onur Tuna and Hilal Altınbilek, has very notable actors. Things suddenly turned positive for the series, which presented a strong story to the audience with names such as Nesrin Cavadzade, Serkan Keskin, Sumru Yavrucuk and Yiğit Özşener.

The fact that there was a very significant increase in ratings in all audience groups can also be considered as the return of viewers who were previously interested in the series but then gave up for various reasons.

This development eliminated the question marks in mind for the series, which achieved 3rd place in the rankings after the above-average ratings in all audience groups on Wednesday evening. Let’s see what the results will be in next week’s episodes of the series.