Salih Bademci, who marked the year 2021, rejected the offer from two big TV series!
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5 October 2022 12:15


Salih Bademci, who marked the year 2021, rejected the offer from two big TV series!

Famous actor Salih Bademci was appreciated by everyone as the most successful name of 2021. The reason for this success was that he played 3 different characters in 3 different TV series.

The actor, who showed off his talents with Özge Özpirinçci in İlk ve Son Blu TV series, shared the lead role with Gökçe Bahadır in the Netflix series Kulüp, and won the appreciation of everyone who watched.

The actor, whom we watched together with Burçin Terzioğlu in the series Yalancı, where he played a very successful act on the Show TV screen, experienced the unfortunateness of the low ratings and the project ended with an early final.

It did not go unnoticed that Salih Bademci successfully portrayed important roles in a row and was very effective in conveying the character’s feelings to the audience. The actor was also a favorite of the producers.

It turned out that Salih Bademci was offered the lead role in two important TV series, but the actor did not accept this. It turned out that Salih Bademci did not accept the offer from the TV series Süslü Korkuluk, which was first announced to be broadcast on tv8 but expected to meet with the audience on a digital platform after the crisis.

It was also revealed that the actor received the lead role in the domestic adaptation of the TV series “Your Honor”, “Hakim”, but did not accept it.

Salih Bademci fans are eagerly awaiting what kind of projects the actor will take part in in 2022.

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