Series News Sandık Kokusu series dazzles with its steady progress!

Sandık Kokusu series dazzles with its steady progress!


Show TV’s highly watched series ‘Sandık Kokusu’ (The Smell of The Chest), produced by O3 Media, became the most watched series in the AB group with its exciting and immersive episode broadcast the previous evening.

One of the productions that has been lucky in terms of ratings since the day it started is Sandık Kokusu…

The fact that the ratings after the 9th episode of the series, which has affected a wide audience, are compatible with the previous weeks and are well above the average, seems to be an important success.

The excitement in the story of the series, which attracts attention with its stability in the ratings, is reflected in the thousands of comments shared by the viewers on social media. The interaction on social media was also very good in the 9th episode.

The series, which was talked about a lot on social media and was on the TT list for 1 hour and 20 minutes, indicated that the excitement in the final scene would attract a lot of attention again in the next episode.

Sandık Kokusu TV series finished the day in sixth place in the all-person category and came second in the AB group, becoming the most watched TV series of the day. We should point out that the series ranked third in the ABC1 group.

There will be important developments in the story of the series, whose 10th episode trailer has been released. Reha and Hande are moving to Cennet Sitesi. Filiz, Karsu and Türkan are surprised when they knock on the door to meet their new neighbors.

While Karsu gets angry when she sees Reha and Hande in front of her, what will happen after this big development is eagerly awaited.

Sandık Kokusu is on Show TV with its new episode on Wednesday at 20.00.