Artists News Seçkin Özdemir surprised by changing the image

Seçkin Özdemir surprised by changing the image


Famous actor Seçkin Özdemir started the 2019-2020 season with the series of Dear History. After this short production, the actor took part in the series Servants.

However, only 3 episodes could be published due to the coronavirus outbreak. Seçkin Özdemir, known for his bad luck in the series in recent years, has announced his new image on social media.

He, known by the length of his hair and beard in the series of Servants, first shortened his beard and mustache. The actress now cut her hair short.

Seçkin Özdemir’s decision on the quarantine days led to the conclusion that the series of Servants will not be filmed for a while.

There is a big difference between this changing image of Seçkin Özdemir and the image of Yiğit character in the series.