Seda Bakan saved her weight!
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4 February 2023 08:15


Seda Bakan saved her weight!

The famous actress Seda Bakan, who brought her daughter Leyla to the world in August 2019, attracted attention with the weight she lost after 11 months. She met with the famous actress manager to discuss business issues. The actress, who made statements to journalists before the meeting, talked about her weight before being asked any questions.

Seda Bakan, “Look how much weight I lost, you are not aware. I lost 5 kilos. ”

The famous actress had gained 23-24 kilos during her birth. After 11 months, she returned to fit. Seda Bakan, who recently lost 5 kilos, has now started to focus on her career. The actress is in talks for projects where she can spare time for her daughter.

Asked how she lost weight, the actress said, “I ate at home but somehow I try not to eat in the evening.”

Seda Bakan, who was associated with the love of Hadise and Kaan Yıldırım, did not want to comment on the claim that the couple introduced her.

Seda Bakan said, “If people want to build a home in some way, I recommend it. I got married and took my child in my arms. There is a miracle in marriage.”

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