See which famous Turkish actor accepted the Italian series that Can Yaman turned down?
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5 December 2022 08:12


See which famous Turkish actor accepted the Italian series that Can Yaman turned down?

Currently in Italy, Can Yaman is greeted with great enthusiasm by his fans in the country where he temporarily settled. With the TV series Dolunay, Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) and Mr. Wrong, where he previously starred, the actor gained a huge fan base in Italy.

Early Bird, which he played with Demet Özdemir, is still broadcast on Italian television. It is also known that Can Yaman has signed different agreements in the country.

The actor has signed with a producer company in recent months and is currently preparing to play the lead role in the TV series Sandokan. In the first days of his trip to Italy, he met with the famous director Ferzan Özpetek.

Özpetek shot a pasta ad starring Can Yaman. The famous director of Turkish origin has been living in Italy for many years. Özpetek, who came together with Can Yaman for an advertisement, later offered him a role in the new series named “Cahil Periler”.

It was on the agenda that Can Yaman thought for a while and then refused the offer because he did not want to take part in another series at the same time with the Sandokan series.

That offer went to another Turkish actor this time! Burak Deniz, who has received great praise for his Maraşlı series on ATV recently, said “yes” to the series that Can Yaman did not accept!

Burak Deniz will go to Italy for the series on June 15th. The actor who will give life to a photographer named Asaf in the series shot for Disney.

The actor, who caught a breakthrough on the screen with the character of Celal Kün, who played in the TV series Maraşlı, is excited to take part in the project of the world-famous director Ferzan Özpetek this time.

Burak Deniz, which will take place from the 4th episode of the series, which was shot as 8 episodes. While he will be the person who links the story to Istanbul, Serra Yılmaz will play the role of her aunt, another name Ferzan Özpetek has definitely included in every project. We will come to Turkey from Italy to take the Istanbul leg of the last scenes of the series on July 28.

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