Series News Seeing the problem in the Sadakatsiz series, 3 steps were taken immediately!

Seeing the problem in the Sadakatsiz series, 3 steps were taken immediately!

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It has been criticized for a while that the story of the Sadakatsiz series broadcast on Kanal D screen no longer satisfies the audience. The screenwriters began to take steps one after the other to expand the story of the series starring Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk, Melis Sezen and Berkay Ateş.

Three new surprise characters are added to the series and a big change is being made in the story step by step. At this point, the screenwriters first decided to highlight Alp Akar’s character a little more. Deniz Karaoğlu, the father of the girlfriend of Ali’s character, and Gizem Ünsal in the role of her mother began to appear in the series. In other words, the character of Alp will take more place in the story in the coming chapters.

This is not enough for change, and a new attack came from the screenwriters. Successful actor Serhat Parıl was also involved in the story. With the arrival of the honor character, it is expected to get quite confused. The screenwriters will especially give more meaning to the character of Onur, and this character will make the character of Derin played by Melis Sezen stand out.

Derin, who has been in the background for a while, will be a new focus in the series with her steps to get closer to Onur. Volkan will be compressed with Aras on the one hand and Onur on the other.

Filming was interrupted for a while in the TV series Sadakatsiz, in which 3 new actors were involved. There will be a short pause in the set due to the fact that the lead actress Cansu Dere caught the coronavirus.

However, the fact that the screenwriters take new steps by taking into account the criticisms in the social media reveals that there will be significant changes in the story.