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16 May 2022 14:28


Sema Ergenekon, the screenwriter of the series Yargı, has a good news for the audience!

Kanal D’s Yargı series, starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, continues to lock the audience on the screens on Sunday evening.

The most important name behind the success of Kanal D’s TV series, Yargı, which exploded like a bomb this season, is undoubtedly its screenwriter Sema Ergenekon. Yargı has become a production that will be written in golden letters on the career of a talented screenwriter.

The Yargı series is actually the product of a two-year work by the famous screenwriter. Sema Ergenekon revealed the scenario of the Yargı as a result of months of deep research in law offices and courtrooms.

On the other hand, the outstanding performance of Pınar Deniz, who plays the character of ‘Lawyer Ceylin’, and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, who came to the screen with the character of ‘Prosecutor Ilgaz’, has a great share in this success.

The series signed by Ay Yapım is actually remarkable in every aspect. Yargı makes a name for itself with its music as well as its story and acting.

The striking music in the series makes the scenes even more striking. Sema Ergenekon also gave the audience good news about the music of the TV series.

The music of the Yargı belongs to the famous composer Toygar Işıklı, who has composed the music of many unforgettable TV series such as Kuzey Güney, Yaprak Dökümü, Dudaktan Kalbe, Aşk-ı Memnu, Ezel, Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?.

Sema Ergenekon featured Toygar Işıklı’s post on her Instagram account. The famous musician announced the good news that an album consisting of the music of the series Yargı will be released in the first days of 2022.

The correspondence of Sema Ergenekon and Toygar Işıklı excited the audience of the Yargı series. The wind of the Yargı, which started in 2021, seems to continue at full speed in 2022.

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