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19 August 2022 23:13


Sen Çal Kapımı is over, but the storm continues in Russia! Hande Erçel was chosen as the girl of the year in the country!..

Hande Erçel, one of the popular young actresses of the last period, made her biggest debut with the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı, which said goodbye to the screen in September on Fox TV. The actress, who also received acclaim in the productions she acted in, gained millions of fans from many countries of the world with the romantic comedy Sen Çal Kapımı!

Hande Ercel stormed in Russia, too. ELLE Girl Magazine, published in Russia, conducted a survey in which it chose “ELLE Girl of the Year” and “ELLE Man of the Year”. According to the results of the survey, two successful Turkish names are at the top of the “The Coolest Girl and Man of 2021” lists. The names most liked by the readers are Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin.

ELLE Girl Russia announced that Hande Erçel was ranked number 1 on their ELLE Girl of the Year list, with the statement, “A beautiful love story in the drama ‘Sen Çal Kapımı’…” for a wonderful international award. Hande Erçel surpassed many world stars and ranked number 1 in the ranking.

The relationship of the couple, who met on the set of the series and started to have love in real life, ended, but the echoes of the love of the series continue in the world. Sen Çal Kapımı series, in which Hande Erçel played the leading role with Kerem Bürsin, was getting good ratings with its first episodes on the screen.

The series, which started to be broadcast on the weekend during the season after the summer months, continued with average ratings. But with the series, Erçel and Bürsin added fame to their reputation. The increasing number of followers of the duo on social media began to attract great attention.

In particular, the number of followers of Hande Erçel increased so quickly that even she admitted that she was very surprised by this on the program Tonight with İbrahim Selim. While the actress said that she attracted so many followers because she was sincere and natural, she also confirmed that she had more followers than some Hollywood stars. Although the actress is not on the screen at the moment, it continues to be talked about.

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