Artists News Sen Çal Kapımı opens such doors it’s amazing! Kerem Bürsin and La Casa De Papel surprise!

Sen Çal Kapımı opens such doors it’s amazing! Kerem Bürsin and La Casa De Papel surprise!


It was not possible to predict the impact of the 52-episode Sen Çal Kapımı (Love is in the Air) TV series all over the world! Starting as a summer series on Fox TV, Sen Çal Kapımı opens many doors in the world for Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin. The two actors are taking an unexpected leap in their careers after the series aired in 85 countries.

After the broadcast of Sen Çal Kapımı from many countries of the world, interesting news and records continue to come. The series and the leading actors, which are still talked about on social media, have become known around the world thanks to their millions of fans from different countries.

Especially in Italy and Spain, the two actors gained a huge fan base. For this reason, they are likely to take part in various projects, invitations, events and advertisements of brands in the coming days. Even the first steps are being taken.

Kerem Bürsin was greeted wildly a while ago in Spain, where he went for a festival. The actor, who received great attention from his fans, was also reported to the Spanish press. Afterwards, he went to Spain for another event, at the invitation of the world-famous actor Antonia Banderas, whom he met at the festival. It was also said that the actor would sign some projects in this country.

Doors are opening one by one for Kerem Bürsin, who continues to eat the bread of Sen Çal Kapımım series! The actor went to Spain again for an extraordinary job. The actor attended the launch of Olyverse, a startup launched in Metaverse.

Accompanying him was Alvaro Morte, who gave life to the character named Professor in the Spanish series La Casa De Papel, which is watched with great admiration in many countries of the world.

Kerem Bürsin, who gained a great reputation in Latin American countries and especially in Spain, was talked about with the invitation he received to the launch of his platform called Olyverse, which was founded by a Spanish entrepreneur, in the new world universe, Metaverse.

The actor was accompanied by famous names from Spain. Among these names was Alvaro Morte. Spanish director Koldo Serra and actress Cayetana Guillen Cuervo were also present at the inaugural launch. Kerem Bürsin was one of the notable names of the launch held on Tuesday, June 14th…

Kerem Bürsin gained a different reputation in Spain, where Turkish TV series are frequently broadcast. The actor, who goes to the country frequently, meets different names with these departures, makes progress and opens doors for new projects…

Spanish fans of the actor had a nice surprise a while ago. In the campaign organized for Bürsin’s birthday, they started a campaign on behalf of him in Darüşşafaka and by collecting more than 30 thousand TL, children without a mother or father were given the opportunity to study.