Separation shock for those who liked the harmony of Seray Kaya and Onur Tuna in the series Mahkum!
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2 February 2023 20:33


Separation shock for those who liked the harmony of Seray Kaya and Onur Tuna in the series Mahkum!

The series called Mahkum (meaning: Prisoner), which is broadcast on the Fox TV screen, brought together a successful series couple. The duo of Onur Tuna and Seray Kaya, who take the leading roles, attracts great attention from the fans of the series. The duo, which was also on the agenda with their special poses for a magazine last week, got a good fit.

Mahkum, one of the popular TV series on Thursday nights, has a very good story and continues to receive very good ratings. The big change plan in Mahkum, where the fans of the series are eagerly waiting for each episode, shocked the audience.

Seray Kaya, who plays the character of Cemre, is preparing to say goodbye just as the most important period of the story has entered… It has been revealed that the character of Cemre will say goodbye to the story in the upcoming episodes of the series, for which Uğraş Güneş is writing the script.

Of course, this was an unexpected shock for the fans of the series Mahkum. The reason why a leading actress is saying goodbye in the most active period of the series is wondered. Why is Seray Kaya leaving? Although the allegations were that the character of Cemre left because her story was over, a suspicion remained in mind…

Seray Kaya, who made a very good debut with the character of Şirin in the Women’s series, then gave a successful performance in the TV series Kuruluş Osman. The actress returned to the screen with the Mahkum series, but she will bid farewell to the story before the season ends.

The beautiful actress, who talked a lot on social media with the harmony they caught with Onur Tuna, also started to evaluate the new offers that came to her. It shouldn’t be surprising if Seray Kaya gets involved in one of the TV series projects that have come one after another recently.

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