Sera Kutlubey will make every actor's dream come true!
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5 October 2022 07:40


Sera Kutlubey will make every actor’s dream come true!

Young actress Sera Kutlubey attracted attention with her good-hearted Cemre character in the series Zalim Istanbul (Cruel Istanbul), which created storms with every episode. Sera Kutlubey had the opportunity to realize the dreams of every actor in her new series called İyilik (Goodness).

Every episode of the Zalim Istanbul series, which made a big impression when it was broadcast on Kanal D and brought many young names, including Sera Kutlubey, Ozan Dolunay, Berker Güven, Bahar Şahin, to great fame, was full of intrigue. Sera Kutlubey, who played the character of Cemre in the series, was a character who tried to survive with her honesty among the evil-hearted people who intrigued.

Sera Kutlubey received applause from everyone with her performance while portraying the kind-hearted Cemre of the series and managed to attract attention. After the end of Zalim Istanbul, the young actress took a role in the Hercai series.

The beautiful actress, who has been away from the sets for a while, is getting ready to return to the screen with the series called İyilik very soon. The name of the series, which was adapted from the South Korean TV series The Queen’s House by Medyapim, was first announced as the Kapımdaki Düşman (Enemy at My Door). It was later changed to İyilik.

Sera Kutlubey, the kind-hearted Cemre of Zalim Istanbul, will appear before her fans with a very different character this time. Because this time, the young actress will portray a sultry and dangerous character who is with a married man.

This is undoubtedly a dream situation for many actors. The problem with most actors is that they get stuck with the role that first made them famous, and then there are always offers for similar characters. However, the series “İyilik” was a great opportunity for Sera Kutlubey to prove her talent in acting. Although her fans do not want to see her in such a character, Sera Kutlubey will have fulfilled the dreams of many actors with her character Damla in the İyilik series.

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