Series News Seray Kaya gave green light for the new project!

Seray Kaya gave green light for the new project!


Seray Kaya, who played the character of Şirin for 3 seasons in the Women’s series, gained great popularity. She who received applause for her performance in the series was extremely successful.

The Women’s series, which lasted for 3 seasons, said goodbye by making a final in February 2020. Seray Kaya was stuck in the mind with the role of Sirin. She answered the questions of her followers from her Instagram account.

Seray Kaya gave the green light by saying “I miss you too” on the words of her fan, “Start a series, we miss you”.

Stating that the character she loves the most is the Sirin, the actress also stated that she loves Miray in the My Husband’s Family series.

Expressing that she could not cope with the feeling of longing for her, Seray Kaya stated that Oruç Aruoba was the last book she read.

Stating that the person who gave meaning to her life was her father, Hasan Kaya, Seray Kaya gave the following advice to someone in her 20s: “Believe in yourself and your dreams and don’t give up.”