Seray Kaya is like a roc! The role that Onur Tuna dreams of!
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4 December 2022 04:11


Seray Kaya is like a roc! The role that Onur Tuna dreams of!

The duo of Onur Tuna and Seray Kaya became the new TV series couple of the new season… The duo we watched in Mahkum posed for the lenses of MAG Magazine. While the image of the duo made the fans very happy, the partnership in the series Mahkum came to the fore even more… When you look at the poses of Onur Tuna, who is 1.95 cm tall, and Seray Kaya, who is 1.66, you can see that the height difference is masterfully hidden.

Onur Tuna and Seray Kaya, who come to the Fox TV screen as the protagonists of a story that enchants the audience every Thursday evening, are also proud of being the lead roles in the channel’s best debut series this season. We follow Onur Tuna in the character of Fırat and Seray Kaya as Cemre. In addition to the poses of the duo for the magazine, their statements also drew attention.

Seray Kaya drew attention by saying, “I am someone who is in love with her job, who lives by herself and who is always reborn from the ashes no matter what”.

Revealing her beauty with her blue dress in magazine shoots, the actress once again enchanted her fans.

Seray Kaya, who compared herself to the roc, described herself with these words: “I compare myself to the roc. She put goodness and justice in the middle of her life; I can say that I am someone who is in love with animals and her job, who lives on her own, and who is definitely reborn from the ashes no matter what.”

Onur Tuna once again won the admiration of his fans with his handsomeness, and explained the difference of coming from a family of educators as follows: “Because I have a family of educators, I have been involved in this kind of artistic stage work since my childhood.”

Onur Tuna, who wants to portray a street child in the future, really wants to tell people about his troubles outside in an artistic sense.

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