Seray Kaya kept her mouth shut for her new series, which she posed with the script!
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5 October 2022 08:15


Seray Kaya kept her mouth shut for her new series, which she posed with the script!

Famous actress Seray Kaya managed to become one of the most talked about female actors of the last period with her ambitious projects. The actress gained great popularity especially with the character of Şirin in the Kadın’s (Women) TV series. The character of Şirin was instrumental in opening many doors for Seray Kaya, who played the role very successfully.

Series fans watched Seray Kaya with the character of Cemre in the last project called Mahkum (Prisoner). Although the actor was found to be a bit uninspired, her fans were happy with the project. However, the fact that Seray Kaya’s role lasted 17 episodes and that the actress said goodbye to the story early was also criticized.

A new TV series project, which excited the fans of Seray Kaya, also appeared. You will see the famous actress in the lead role of the new series called Bir Küçük Günışığı (A Little Daylight). The actress, who went to the Cem Adrian concert and was seen by the cameras here, also gave information about her new series.

Seray Kaya said, “The series is over, I’m on vacation right now. I am enjoying the holiday. There may be new thrills,” she said. The actress, who has been going to different holiday regions for a while and aims to rest a little more, will be on the ATV screen in the new season.

Seray Kaya, who was announced as the leading actress of NGM Media’s new drama series, gave her first pose with the script. The actress did not want to give details in her interview.

Seray Kaya added that if there is a demand in projects, she can make an effort to sing, but she doesn’t have a good voice.

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