Artists News Serenay Sarıkaya made an event in her first live broadcast

Serenay Sarıkaya made an event in her first live broadcast


The famous actress Serenay Sarıkaya showed her difference in her first live broadcast on Instagram. Serenay Sarıkaya participated in the chat program presented by İbrahim Selim on the Head & Shoulders Instagram account. She said that he was specially prepared.

Sarikaya said, “I prepared specially for you. You guess, because I couldn’t get out for days. Out there was an incredible desire to be prepared. You won’t believe it, even my shoes are ready.”

Ibrahim Selim said, “I was not as prepared as you are.” You can watch those moments from the video.

Having experienced the excitement of going to an instagram live broadcast for the first time, the actress made her speak again with her naturalness, elegance and beauty.

The actress said, “I am a little excited. My library is behind me. I opened the corner of my home that I use very little for you today. I wonder how this will be my first experience.”

Explaining how her days went, the actress said, “We are at home, although we continue to get bad news, we wait patiently for good days to come. Everything is fine, everyone is good. This is the good thing. We are a little bored, ”

Stating that she missed Alice’s musical very much, the actress stated that she wanted to be on stage and did not know what would happen in the near future and that there were uncertainties.

Serenay Sarıkaya, said: “I think what suits the world the most is human. It is very sad when the streets are empty. I believe that we look after our world well and protect it. I believe that this process reminds us a lot, we have questioned our priorities. I have learned a lot from this process. I hope the lesson “We will come back as we do.”