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18 August 2022 18:00


Serhat Kılıç, who joined the Kuruluş Osman, is on stage with a completely different identity!

Actor Serhat Kılıç made his mark with the character of “Necati”, which he portrayed in the Maraşlı TV series broadcast on ATV.

Maraşlı, who got full marks from the audience with his effective performance in every character he wore, made the final and appeared before the audience in the ATV series “Kuruluş Osman”. The actor plays the character of ‘Michael Kosses’ in the series.

Serhat Kılıç has been making a name for himself with his singing identity as well as acting lately. The actor will meet the audience with his one-man musical show Müzikoman this evening at 20.30 in Fişekhane.

The play Müzikoman, in which Serhat Kılıç reads the increasingly different people of our age through music and presents them with an entertaining point of view, consists of 2 acts. Serhat Kılıç co-wrote the play with Özlem Esmergül.

Saying that Müzikoman is not a complete theatrical text, the actor made the following statement about the play; ” What I am preparing is not a character in the play or a Serhat Kılıç on stage. Müzikoman is a common character formed by a wide variety of music genres listened to throughout history in our society.

This character is also the character of the game. This character is us, too. One of the features that makes the play changeable, surprising and creative in itself is that we will create this character together with the audience in every performance. Because the main issue here is what remains in the audience after the performance, and some secrets that will continue to remain.”

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