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24 May 2022 01:40


Series offers for Haluk Bilginer come one after the other

Haluk Bilginer, who was selected as the best actor at the Emmy Awards with the digital TV series Şahsiyet, is one of the names that received the most offers in the last period. However, the actor, who is known to be selective about projects, came to the fore with the movies named 9 Times Leyla ve Azizler after his 7-episode performance in the project named Alex Rider.

The master actor, who recently appeared in the Seref Bey series on the digital platform Exxen, once again demonstrated his skills in the 10-episode project. The series offers for Haluk Bilginer are also coming together. Producers are trying to persuade the famous actor to play in a television series.

At the beginning of the season for Haluk Bilginer, an offer was made by Limon Production for the TV series Hakim. There is another new offer.

It turned out that the famous actor was among the names interviewed for the TV series “Bir Gece Ansızın”, which was meticulously prepared by Ay Yapım. Gökhan Horzum is writing the story of the series in which Tolga Sarıtaş will take the lead role.

Ay Yapım was the producer of Şahsiyet series, for which Haluk Bilginer won an Emmy award… Ay Yapım is preparing the project of One Night Suddenly, and the famous actor is warmly accepting the offer.

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