Serkan Çayoğlu has gone the opposite of what he has done so far, his fans will be very surprised!
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4 February 2023 09:48


Serkan Çayoğlu has gone the opposite of what he has done so far, his fans will be very surprised!

Famous actor Serkan Çayoğlu and Aslı İnandık came together in a new movie. The shooting of the movie Oregon, directed by Kerem Ayan, has been completed. The duo went on set in August and filming took about 3 weeks.

Serkan Çayoğlu, who played the character of Hakan in the movie Oregon, told that they had a very enjoyable process. The actor further increased the excitement of the film by saying, “You will see me in a character that is the exact opposite of what I have done so far.”

The actor, whom we have watched in naive roles until today, mentioned that Hakan in the Oregon movie is a new experience opportunity for him.

Serkan Çayoğlu said, “It was very enjoyable because we got along very well with Aslı and other players. Kerem also opened a very nice space for us. We had the opportunity to play in a very wide area. I enjoyed it very much,” he said.

Explaining that he wants to return to TV series in the new season, the actor said, “I read scripts, I read a lot of scripts. I will make a decision, there are negotiations going on right now. I hope I will be on the screen with a beautiful project in the near future,” and made his fans happy.”

Aslı İnandık explained that they had a long preparation process and that the shooting took a short time due to this. The actress said, “It was a very easy and fast set. It was very fun and enjoyable. We completed the shoot without any problems,” she said.

Aslı İnandık stated that the film consists of 11 separate stories and said that she portrayed the character named Gaye.

The intersection and intertwining of these 11 stories gives the impression that a project has been created that will surprise everyone who watches it.

Explaining that she plays a headstrong and self-righteous character, but a bit of a picker, Aslı İnandık emphasized that Gaye is a more soothing character in possible crises.

Director Kerem Ayan talked about shooting his first feature film. Stating that the shootings were done in a very warm environment, Ayan drew attention to the sacrifices of the actors.

The movie called Oregon will take the audience to 1985. In the story that takes place in a single day, Gaye and Hakan will appear in front of the audience as a Hippie couple.

While this couple comes to Istanbul from Bodrum and wants to return a music cassette, various events will go through their heads.

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