Şevval Sam revealed the true face of Yasak Elma series!
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25 March 2023 14:51


Şevval Sam revealed the true face of Yasak Elma series!

Yasak Elma, which continues its first 4 seasons very successfully, is among the series that can continue on its way with its fifth season. How does Yasak Elma, which is the most important production of Fox TV recently and managed to survive while many series are ending, does it? There are many people asking this question.

Nesrin Cavadzade, who played the character of Şahika in the series, left and this separation weakened the story a lot. However, despite this situation, the screenwriters managed to recover and the series began to return to its old days in the fifth season.

Playing the Ender character, Şevval Sam attracted attention with her words revealing the true face of Yasak Elma series. Expressing that he does not want to grow old in Yasak Elma series, the actress admitted that the project took too long for her. Şevval Sam, who also stated that there could be a finale at the end of the fifth season, also explained the reason for this interest in Yasak Elma series.

Stating that an exaggerated story is told in the series and they try to entertain, Şevval Sam stated that they present a fantasy world with exaggerated scenes.

These words of Şevval Sam, who also explained that Yasak Elma series made absurd comedy by bringing everything that should not be in this world to the screen, were the expressions that best described the series:

Here is Yasak Elma comment from Şevval Sam: “People, of course, feel the weight of the pandemic on them. The possibility of everything in our series, those colors, that absurd comedy makes people feel light about reality. The series is very entertaining. We exaggerate some characters, but there is also a part of life in it. Sometimes such things happen in life that you say ‘no more’ when it’s on the show. A lot of things that you call exaggeration can develop more harshly in life. This is more of a fantasy world. We parody everything that shouldn’t be in this world. Thank you very much to our viewers, we took first place last week.”

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