She painful day of the beautiful actress Özgü Kaya!
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30 March 2023 11:33


She painful day of the beautiful actress Özgü Kaya!

The young actress Özgü Kaya, known to many TV series viewers with the character of “Sevda Eğilmez” in “Kimse Bilemez”, lost her grandmother.

The famous actress announced the death of her beloved grandmother, who has been struggling for life for a long time, with an emotional message from her Instagram account. Kaya received many messages of support from her fans.

The young actress wrote the following in the message she shared after her grandmother; “Beautiful mother, my mother, my cotton became an angel. Her delicate body could not stand the struggle for life he had been giving for a long time. A thousand thanks to her beautiful heart for whatever goodness, humanity and love I have inside me! My gratitude to her is indescribable. I am a noble woman with her stance and look, I am fragrant, my strong angel, I am lucky to be able to fit the universe in your heart! I know that you will accompany us in the most beautiful place. I always remember your smell, I love you so much.”

Özgü Kaya first attracted attention on the screen with the character of “Sibel” in the TV series “Name Legend” in 2017. Making a strong impression with her successful acting, Kaya took a long role as ‘Zeynep’ in the production of ‘Mehmetçik Kutül Amare’. In 2019, she wrote her name in the lead role of the TV series “Kimse Bilemez” with Keremcem. Özgü Kaya has recently appeared in the TV series “Ex Aşkım”, which was prepared for the platform called Gain.

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