Show TV worry of fans in the Aziz series, the second season is not guaranteed!
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1 October 2022 01:57


Show TV worry of fans in the Aziz series, the second season is not guaranteed!

The fate of the Aziz series, which was broadcast on Friday evenings on the Show TV screen, was a matter of curiosity. Health problems in the last period came to the agenda on the set of the series. In addition, the fact that the ratings of the series decreased a little, started to worry the fans.

In addition to the fact that Damla Sönmez and Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan caught the coronavirus on the set of the Aziz series, it has recently come to the fore that Eren Hacısalihoğlu also experienced health problems. It was learned that the team could not go to the set due to these problems in the series, which was being shot on a special plateau in Istanbul.

In addition to the three actors with health problems, Güven Murat Akpınar also had to interrupt the work on the set because the coronavirus test was positive. It is not yet clear whether the new episode, which is expected to be broadcast on Friday, April 8, will be broadcast. However, the message “Aziz is on Show TV with new episodes every Friday at 20.00” was shared on the youtube account of the series. The viewers hoped for the new episode with this sharing.

In addition to these health problems in the Aziz series, there is another danger in mind. Despite receiving similar ratings last season, the shock of the cancellation of the series Ramo by Show TV still continues. Murat Yıldırım, in his statement, said that the final was a surprise for them as well and that such a decision was taken while they were waiting to continue.

There is also the possibility that the famous actor will relive the disappointment he experienced last season. Fans of the series, who also think about the possibility of Show TV not giving approval for the second season of the Aziz series, are anxiously awaiting the end of the season. A slight decrease in the ratings in the 20th episode causes increased concerns. The second season is not guaranteed for Aziz, who regressed from 5 to 4 odds.

Especially with the warming of the weather, the interest in television has started to decrease, and there is a danger of not reaching the desired levels in terms of ratings in the last weeks.

Aziz series fans invite the audience to the screen with their social media posts. There is a belief that if the rating continues to decline, the second season of the Aziz series will be in danger. Since no information has been shared from Show TV so far, this anxious wait continues.

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