Artists News Sıla Türkoğlu and Rabia Soytürk are looking for the same thing in love!

Sıla Türkoğlu and Rabia Soytürk are looking for the same thing in love!


Rabia Soytürk and Sıla Türkoğlu, one of the most talked-about young actresses of recent days, attended the Yalın concert, which was organized for the education of earthquake-stricken girls, together with their friends.

Both actors emphasized the importance of coming together for such a good cause. Rabia Soytürk, who portrayed the character of Aslı in the series Veda Mektubu (Farewell Letter), and Sıla Türkoğlu, who we watched as Doğa in the Kızılcık Şerbeti (Cranberry Sherbet) series, explained that intensive work continues on the set.

One thing the two young actors had in common was that they were not currently in a relationship. Answering the questions of the magazine reporters and expressing that there is no one in their love life, the duo gave answers emphasizing transparency and honesty about what kind of person they were looking for.

Sıla Türkoğlu said, “There has been no one in my life for a long time. Luckily this works. I have criteria. Transparency, most importantly, I want the person in front of me to approach me with all their purity,” she said.

Rabia Soytürk expressed that she had a similar opinion. The actress said, “Let her heart and humanity be beautiful. We are taking new steps in the sector, we are at the stage of questioning reality. Let it be real, let it be glass, ”she said.

Both actors shared a common idea by stating that they can get along with men who are honest and who are just as they appear in their relationships.