Artists News Simay Barlas is experiencing a first in her career with the Aziz series!

Simay Barlas is experiencing a first in her career with the Aziz series!

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On the Show TV screen, on Friday, November 5, the new series Aziz begins. Murat Yıldırım, Damla Sönmez and Simay Barlas are in the lead roles of the series, which is one of the most trusted projects of the channel. The series, whose shooting continues in Antakya, will take the audience to the 1930s.

The actors of the series, which will tell about the process just before Antakya’s accession to the Republic of Turkey, are very excited. Viewers have also been very impressed with the trailers released so far. Show TV, which showed a strong presence in the Friday competition with the Ramo series last season, aims to repeat the same success with a series starring Murat Yıldırım.

Young actress Simay Barlas, who will portray the character of Efnan in the series, also got a good opportunity. The actress, who attracted attention with the character Damla in the Zalim Istanbul series last year, will return to the screen in a strong way.

Stating that he took part in a job for the first time, Simay Barlas is both very happy and very excited… The actress said, “The character of Efnan is very valuable to me. From the first episode, she has great difficulties. But somehow she always chooses to stand. Efnan is a warrior character. Our set is also going well,” she said.

Stating that it was very nice to work in the period job, the actress said that she was very pleased to go to the 1930s, even through the set.

The actress said, “It is a very nice feeling to be able to go to the 1930s and taste those times.” Explaining that she had difficulties on the set from time to time, the actress said that everything went well.