Simay Barlas, the Efnan of the Aziz series, will surprise you once again!
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2 December 2022 18:59


Simay Barlas, the Efnan of the Aziz series, will surprise you once again!

Simay Barlas is perhaps the most striking name of the Aziz series on Show TV right now! The successful actor receives great appreciation for his performance and the character of Efnan. Coming from a poor life, oppressed by his father and the people around him, Efnan is getting ready to marry Aziz, whom he took refuge with.

Efnan is like Cinderella! Simay Barlas actually debuted in 2015 with the character Öykü, who played in the TV series Paramparça. Born in 1998, the actress is actually a graduate of Istanbul University Faculty of Communication.

However, she put her heart to acting and has been on the screen since 2015. After Paramparça, she also played in the TV series Hayat Bazen Tatlıdır and Adı Efsane. However, her most notable TV series was Zalim Istanbul. She came to the fore with the character of Damla she played in this series. Then she gave life to the character of Efnan in the series “Arıza”. She played Yağmur in the TV series Bir Annenin Günahı, but the series was removed from the screen in a few episodes.

For Simay Barlas, who attracted attention in the productions she took part in, the Aziz series seems to be an important turning point in her career! As a brave, honest, courageous, courageous, conscientious Efnan, who is not noticed in the mud, misery and poverty, Aziz Bey has already attracted attention!

Simay Barlas, who often plays the leading roles from Murat Yıldırım and Damla Sönmez, is the rising star of the series with his successful performance! Barlas has already revealed that he will be remembered as Efnan in the Aziz series for many years!

Meanwhile, Simay Barlas will of course continue to take part in other productions from now on. However, it is currently on the agenda with another project…

Barlas starred in a movie called Dijital Esaret, which was made in 2020. The film, which tells the story of a group of young people who are imprisoned for crimes they have committed in the digital world, will be released on March 11. Along with Rasim Öztekin, whom we lost in March 2021, Özgün Çoban, Kaan Sevi and Ecem Atalay also play roles in the film.

Although Simay Barlas is currently on the screen as Efnan, she will appear in front of the audience with her role in the movie. The young actress continues to be talked about and attracts attention at the beginning of her career…

The plot of the movie is briefly as follows:

A group of young people are unaware of what will happen to them when they step into the digital world. Young people who think that everything is under their control, after a while, become prisoners of this world. When things get more and more difficult, they find themselves in prison. Here, social media influencers, hackers, internet addicts and virtual gamblers who cross paths have one last chance to regain their freedom.

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