Artists News Sinem Kobal wants to return to TV series very much, the good news of a new project is coming soon!

Sinem Kobal wants to return to TV series very much, the good news of a new project is coming soon!


The guest of Tonight with İbrahim Selim was the successful actress Sinem Kobal. During the shootings held at Maximum Uniq Box, Kobal made sincere statements about his life.

Sinem Kobal, who was a guest on the program broadcast on İbrahim Selim’s YouTube channel, answered Selim’s questions with great sincerity.

Speaking “I Miss the Screens”, the actor announced for the first time that there was a new project. Kobal, who has been away from the screens for a while, said, “I miss being on the screen very much too… I hope to be on the screen soon. “There is something that excites me and makes me move, but I can say it when it becomes clear,” she said.

Sinem Kobal also talked about her marriage and her husband Kenan İmirzalıoğlu; “When I first saw Kenan, I was struck by his energy,” she said. Answering questions about marriage, Kobal said:

“I think the issue is not marriage, it’s about what you experience with the partner you are willing to spend your life with. It’s about how much love, respect and effort you share. If there is that love and effort, marriage becomes beautiful on that path, and so does dating. When two souls who love each other meet, they want to put in that effort and marriage actually charts a beautiful path… You become a family, you become rooted. The concept of marriage and family always maintains its value…”

The beautiful actress said that she understood her mother better after becoming a mother; “Having a child made me understand my mother better, you appreciate your mother better. “I feel much stronger and more rooted,” she said.

Kobal, who also admitted that she had a craving for regret during her pregnancy, also said that this request was thought to be a joke because she had never wanted something before.

Underlining that the Selena series is a very special project for her, Sinem Kobal expressed her feelings with the following words:

“Selena was a very special project for me, it was something completely different; It still has its place. It still has incredible viewing rates on YouTube. Currently, 4-5 year old children come to me as Selena… It is very special to be able to do something that has a place in the hearts of children. Breaking points of my life; “School is the movie in which I watched Selena and myself on the cinema screen.”