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24 May 2022 03:56


Sinem Ünsal made her decision, she switched from being a doctor to a police officer!

Famous actress Sinem Ünsal attracted great attention with her portrayal of Nazlı in the Mucize Doktor (Miracle Doctor) series, which lasted for 2 seasons. This production, in which she made her career debut, was a big turning point for the actress… Following Sinem Ünsal’s successful debut, taking part in the theater stage with the play Aydınlıkevler also stood out as a good step she took in terms of self-development.

Sinem Ünsal, who has been on the stage with a theater play for a while, also chose a new series. The actress, who preferred the series in which the story of two secret police is told among the many projects that came to her, will soon begin to appear on the sets with her new role.

Sinem Ünsal, who will share the lead role with Halit Özgür Sarı in the project planned for the summer months, had a trial with the TV series Elbet Bir Gün at the beginning of this season, but this project could only continue for 6 episodes. The actress, who is still remembered by the series fans with the character of Nazli in the Mucize Doktor, has now started preparations for her new role.

This project will also be an important experience opportunity for Sinem Ünsal, who will soon appear in front of the audience as a secret police character. There is not much detail about the story of Naz and Pamir’s characters, but the new series is sure to attract attention with its action-packed scenes.

Another interesting detail is how Sinem Ünsal in the character of Naz and Halit Özgür Sarı will be a TV series couple as Pamir. Let’s see if the two young actors can catch a good energy and bring the series forward with a strong partnership process.

The series is expected to start airing in June, and therefore preliminary preparations have been made. The team is scheduled to go on the set in May… There are preliminary information that the story of the series will also be quite impressive.

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