Sinem Ünsal shone on Fox TV, but she faced disappointment in her last two series
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29 September 2022 18:21


Sinem Ünsal shone on Fox TV, but she faced disappointment in her last two series

Sinem Ünsal’s unforgettable project Mucize Doktor (Miracle Doctor) and the character of Nazlı, which she portrayed, were also remembered. The actress had been in the industry with different TV series before, but both her performance and the charm of Nazlı’s character in Mucize Doktor made the actress one of the most talked about names.

Sinem Ünsal attracted the attention of a wide audience with her impressive drama performance in the Mucize Doktor series, which lasted for 2 seasons. The actress is currently at the peak of her popularity and is closely followed by many drama fans from abroad.

The fact that Sinem Ünsal has faced bad results in the last 1 year in two different series of Fox TV after Mucize Doktor is also evident. Saying that she felt very lucky to be in a very successful story in the drama project called Elbet Bir Gün, the actress also experienced the misfortune that this project lasted 6 episodes due to low ratings.

Sinem Ünsal took part in the scenes that revealed her comedy side this time in one of the most different series of the summer period, Gizli Saklı (Secret Hidden), and she enchanted the audience with her beauty.

While many viewers gave positive ratings to the partnership of Halit Özgür Sarı and Sinem Ünsal, some people commented that they were incompatible.

The news was that Fox TV would make an early final decision for the Gizli Saklı series. Although the viewers started a campaign on twitter for the continuation of the series, previous experiences show that Fox TV will not back down.

On behalf of Sinem Ünsal, on the Fox TV screen, where she shines with the Mucize Doktor series, two series of disappointments have come together in the last 1 year.

The actress, who first stayed on the screen for 6 episodes in the series Elbet Bir Gün, will now have another misfortune with the Gizli Saklı series, which will probably make the final in the 8th episode.

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