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7 July 2022 06:51


Sinem Ünsal’s new test after Mucize Doktor!

The project was designed and directed by Gül Oğuz, the screenplay was written by Yusuf Reha Alp, and the story and treatment of the episode was written by Funda Alp and Didem Kaplan together with Most Production, FOX’s new series “Elbet Bir Gün”. The story of the sister’s reunion after years will be the subject.

You will now find a new drama series on the Fox TV screen on Sunday evenings.TV series named Elbet Bir Gün will meet with the audience on the evening of November 7. Sinem Ünsal and Şebnem Bozoklu draw attention as two female lead roles. Burak Yamantürk is in the cast as the male lead.

Sinem Ünsal, who attracted great attention with her portrayal of Nazlı in the Mucize Doktor series, which lasted for two seasons, made her best debut with this project. The actress, who had a very good partnership with Taner Ölmez, also increased her popularity greatly.

Sinem Ünsal fans are eagerly awaiting the actress’s new drama after her Mucize Doktor performance. Ünsal will be referred to as Gizem and Feride in the story. The fact that the character has two names is also a detail of the story.

Sinem Ünsal said the following about her role: “My character has two names; Gizem and Feride. Imagine that a small, defenseless girl has built a very strong and solid future on her own feet, and then, just when she has erased her past, it suddenly appears before her… She sees that in order to preserve the beautiful and solid life she created with her own efforts, she must not pass the other side, she must live with it. My character lives two different lives. This is a huge opportunity for an actress.”

Sinem Ünsal fans are sure that the actress will showcase her talents in her new drama. If Elbet Bir Gün can get a good start in front of two important TV series such as the Yargı and the Teşkilat, it will be possible to speak with hope for the future. The ratings of the first episode are of great importance at this point.

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